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Zhejiang Shijing Tools Co., Ltd. As the guardian of Chinese masons and the leading China Tile Laser Levels Manufacturers in the inlaying tool industry, Shijing has always been committed to solving the pain points of masons in construction, improving work efficiency and improving satisfaction in construction!
Founded in 2009, Shijing is famous Tile Laser Levels factory located in the beautiful Tongqin Town, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province. Shijing has a strong R&D team and more than 500000 fans across the country. Through close and in-depth communication with users, we constantly develop new practical products to solve the difficulties and pain points encountered by users in construction, and ultimately improve work efficiency and work experience.
In combination with the advanced inlaying technology of developed countries in Europe and America, Shijing will establish a training base for masons, constantly cultivate excellent craftsmen, solve the practical problem of Chinese masons' lack of successors, and make tools and craftsmen perfectly combined. The craftsmen trained by Shijing can not only become masons with professional skills, but also open a national chain store combining offline tools, paving accessories and techniques. Shijing will also use the advantages of China's Internet power to develop an Internet platform for the inlay industry, with the following functions:
1. Disseminate excellent inlay process and solutions
2. Let excellent masons better display their works
3. Let consumers find excellent masons anytime and anywhere, and let Chinese people no longer worry about finding excellent masons!
In the end, Shijing formed a joint force through product research and development+mason training+Internet platform to set standards for the Chinese inlay industry, so that the Chinese inlay industry can continue to inherit, and there is no inlay solution that can not be solved in the world.

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What is Tile Laser Level

A tile laser level is a tool used to ensure that tiles are installed evenly and at the correct angle. It projects a laser beam onto a surface, which serves as a guide for laying tiles. The laser beam can be adjusted to different angles, allowing for precise alignment of tiles.
The tile laser level typically consists of a small, handheld device with a laser emitter and a leveling base. The leveling base is placed on the surface where the tiles will be installed, and the laser beam is projected onto the surface to create a straight line or a grid pattern, depending on the type of laser level.
Tile laser levels are commonly used in construction, flooring, and tiling projects, where precise alignment is critical. They are easy to use and can save time and effort compared to manual methods of tile alignment.

Advantages of Tile Laser Level

There are several advantages to using a tile laser level:
1. Improved accuracy: A tile laser level projects a straight line or grid pattern, which makes it easier to align tiles accurately. This can help to eliminate errors and reduce the need for corrections or rework.
2. Time-saving: Using a tile laser level can save time compared to manual methods of tile alignment. The laser beam can be adjusted quickly, and the level can be used to mark multiple tiles at once, which can speed up the tiling process.
3. Ease of use: Tile laser levels are generally easy to use, and many models are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and maneuver. They require minimal training and can be used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
4. Versatility: Tile laser levels can be used for a variety of tiling projects, including floors, walls, and ceilings. They can also be used with different types of tiles, such as ceramic, porcelain, and stone.
5. Cost-effective: Tile laser levels are generally affordable and can be a cost-effective investment for those who frequently work with tiles. They can help to improve the quality of the work and reduce the need for costly rework or corrections.

How to use Tile Laser Level

Here are the basic steps to use a tile laser level:
1. Place the leveling base: The leveling base of the tile laser level should be placed on a flat and stable surface where the tiles will be installed. It's important to ensure that the base is level and secure before proceeding.
2. Adjust the laser beam: The laser beam can be adjusted to create a straight line or a grid pattern, depending on the type of tile layout required. Use the controls on the laser level to adjust the beam as necessary.
3. Mark the tile layout: Use a pencil or a chalk line to mark the location of the laser beam on the tiles. This will serve as a guide when installing the tiles.
4. Install the tiles: Use the marked lines as a guide to install the tiles in the desired pattern. The tiles should be aligned with the laser beam to ensure even spacing and level installation.
5. Check the level: Periodically check the level of the tiles using a spirit level to ensure that they are installed correctly. Adjust the tiles as necessary to ensure a level installation.
6. Repeat the process: Continue using the tile laser level to mark and install tiles until the project is complete.
It's important to read the manufacturer's instructions before using a tile laser level, as different models may have slightly different operating procedures.